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In Order to assure consistent product quality, Reco Maintains a stringent quality control program which insures the highest quality finished products.
This Quality control program encompasses all aspects of manufacturing starting with inspection of materials through monitoring process parmeters, culminating in complete testing of 100% of the finished product. While there are many Points of inspection, general areas are described below

RECO maintains a quality control department which inspects molded and machine parts as per drawing and material receiving specification.

Our quality control depaartment is responsible for maintaining the standards on all incoming raw material. all of our procedures and standareds are designed to produce 100% compliance with our specifications. every core tube is inspected fo lenght aand I.D. since it determines the finel state of the element and the critical dimension.

Depending on the material and specification in question, tests are performed on a daily or weekly lot basis.More routine functions are performed in-house.Other requiring laboratory analysis is performed on a more random basis at an testing independants facility. Reco specifies metal grade and purity,requires certified test reports from the manufacturer for all metals use to produce the items.

Each products is sampled and is sampled and tested under the same test conditions used for the finished tools element.In addition, a visual inspection of the tools are done by machine operators during the preparation of the assembly. Tools' testing is done in a test loop designed to duplicate element operation.

In addition to numerous in-line quality control inspections of the various pheses of element fabrication, Reco maintains a rigorous control our process parameters these controls include daily independent check of the process variables (i.e.test casting speed,adhesive ratio,etc.) by a control representative and temperature machine operator. Additionally, each of the instruments used in the control and testing of elements and tools are calibrated on a routine basis.